We're keeping your bottle 100% green...
even though it might not look it.

We’re able to keep your bottle 100% environmentally friendly with our 5 main steps.

  1. Our bottles are manufactured from pre-used, recycled stainless steel, which ensures we’re not starting from scratch, unlike many of our bottle competitors.
  2. Our bottle is reusable! Keep drinking and using our bottle for years without needing to replace…
  3. …or if you’re ready to swap out your old BOSH bottle for a new bottle, you’re able to fully recycle it, as the pre-recycled stainless steel can be recycled to start its next journey.
  4. Although delivering products is not carbon neutral, we try to keep the footprint low by getting our product shipped carbon neutral from our ethical & sustainable manufacturer based manufacturer, and exclusively selling bottles within the UK (at the current time).
  5. We also work with our “BOSH Giving Back” green partners (Tree-Nation) to plant a tree where it’s needed most per bottle purchased, ensuring we’re giving back and offsetting your bottles production.

You're completing the full cycle of recyclability.

By taking our 5 main steps, as described above, we’re able to ensure that from design and production to manufacture and delivery, you’re able to retain an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

Unlike our competitors, our bottles are not only recyclable after use, but we ensure our bottles are created and manufactured from pre-used stainless steel sourced by our sustainable manufacturer, so we’re able to keep the bottle going round and not break the lifecycle of the bottle.

Are you ready to start your “full circle” of recyclability journey? Why not start by purchasing one of our UK designed and ethically, sustainably manufactured BOSH Bottles.

Offsetting your carbon footprint, with every BOSH Bottle purchased.

We work with our green partners (Tree-Nation) to ensure the “BOSH Giving Back” program is able to offset the carbon footprint from the delivery of your bottle, through planting a tree for every bottle purchased.

Our green partners, Tree-Nation, work around the world with local communities to plant a tree where it is needed most, and that’s thanks to you and your BOSH Bottle purchase.

We are now able to give our customers access to an online portal that allows you to keep track of our tree planting from your bottle purchase & your website visit (as we’re “net zero”).


Did you know? If you’re buying a BOSH Bottle as a gift, we’re able to send you a personalised certificate to thank you for planting a tree with the “BOSH Giving Back” initiative.